We're Now Open in Malabe.

About Tea Avenue

Tea Avenue is the brainchild of the De Silva family whose lineage is steeped in the art of tea for four generations, moved on to share this passion with the rest of the country.

Lushantha De Silva, a third generation De Silva explained,

“No matter how busy dad used to be, we always had sunday tea sessions on our front porch. Dad never missed that. We want others to have what we had; the time to savour a well-brewed tea.”

Since opening its doors in Urban Colombo, Sri Lanka in October 2014, Tea Avenue has become a staple location for busy urbanites looking for a space to unwind. Tea Avenue provides a soulful nostalgia-rich experience with the convenience of well-crafted tea offerings and comforting food. Drawing from the rich experience and history from the four generations of De Silva family, Tea Avenue is an original experience to be had and is on its way to becoming one of the premium tea brands in Sri Lanka.